We recently submitted our project to the Astar Builder program community for a vote. What do we propose?

Project summary

Real1 aims to create an environment on the Astar network to issue and manage EVM (Ethereum) & WASM (Web Assembly) compatible tokens, also certified about the rights they hold. To certify our tokens, we’ll rely on logion process (more informations below).

It will not only be a marketplace but also a facility that will allow token holders to exchange their tokens, to switch their tokens from EVM <> WASM framework, keeping all the tokens functionalities active.

Through this project, we would like to address two specific challenges.

  • The first is interoperability, building tokens able to move in and interact with different ecosystems.
  • The second challenge relates rather to the economic and legal value of the tokens we will issue.

By working on these two challenges, we will develop a factory able to build tokens of a new type: open, interoperable, movable, legally and strongly certified.

This V1 environment will include:

  • a token factory (dashboard)
  • a market places architecture
  • an environment for the exchange of NFTs
  • a tool to swap tokens (EVM <> WASM)

So our development is based on 4 millestones:

Milestone 1 – Solidity contracts and audit
Milestone 2 – market places architecture

The market places environment will be organized as follow:

– A common market place branded as real1 which in addition to the selling and auctioning features, will receive the dashboard facility for the users and the secondary market area. This market place (real1) will connect all smart-contracts from our environment. Each other market place, with specific content, will be provided with their own smart-contracts (one market place, one set of smart-contracts).

– Two independent marketplaces with their own smart-contracts for the first two content providers: ARTTS and NFG (Non Fungible Galaxy).

Milestone 3 – ink! contracts and audit

Milestone 4 – Solidity – ink! connector

When the first version of our environment will be ready, we will make this tool available to some content providers. But to start, we will conduct our first tests with two identified partners: ARTTS and NFG.

Our next posts will be about their own plans and other features considered.

Do you want to more informations about logion NFT certification process?

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