What we are building

An environment to issue and exchange certified quality NFT's for the metaverse.


We build our token on ASTAR to provide EVM and WASM compatibility. It's an important challenge to contribute to the interoperability objective. We want tokens able to move from one blockchain environment to another, from one metaverse to another.

Content interoperability

If tokens can move from one environment to another, the related content should be able to follow it. We would like to deploy a solution to make this content universally available. NFTs as access keys to decentralized content.


We want to provide the users of our NFTs with the best guarantees when purchasing it. We have chosen a partner, logion network, to certify the content and rights that will be transferred in each NFT.


Our NFTs will be created to serve marketplaces with managed content. The digital asset will contain rights of artworks selected by specialists and the people in charge of each market place.

Meet our team & partners

@David S


✅ Blockchain & Metaverse dev.
✅ Polkadot Head FR Ambassador
✅ Bit.Country evangelist
✅ Founder @logion blockchain network

@Romain C


✅ Blockchain development
✅ Team management
✅ Project management
✅ Moonbeam Ambassador

@François T


✅ Web3 entrepreneur
✅ Founder @ARTTS
✅ Art / content specialist

@Antoine B


✅ Founder @radio FG
✅ Radio speaker
✅ Founder @FG music label

@Ricardo S


✅ Full-stack developer
✅ Blockchain developer
✅ Web3 entrepreneur

@Jeremie T

@Jeremie T


✅ Smart-contract developer
✅ Blockchain developer
✅ Web3 entrepreneur

@Benjamin S


✅ Blockchain DevOps @AstarNetwork @logion network
✅ Blockchain developer
✅ Astar Ambassador

@Casey J


✅ Attorney-at-Law
✅ Trademark attorney
✅ IP specialist
✅ Co-Founder @logion blockchain network

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